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Transaction SMS

One of the newer ways to market your business is using SMS. Many business owners are skeptical about using SMS as a marketing tool because it may seem intrusive or only reserved for certain businesses like the ringtone market. However, there are many benefits of using this marketing channel and it may be worth using it for your business

Whats Transactional SMS Route.

  1. Information sent to its customer(s) by the Bank or financial institution or insurance company or credit card company.
  2. Information given by Airlines or Indian Railways or its authorized agencies to its passengers regarding travel schedules, ticket booking and reservation.
  3. Information from a registered educational institution to parents or guardians of its students.
  4. Information sent by e-commerce agencies in response to E commerce transactions made by their customers.
  5. Information sent by a company or a firm or depository participant, registered with Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) or Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA) or Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) or National Commodity & Derivative Exchange Ltd. (NCDEX) or Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. (MCX) to its clients pertaining to the account of the client.

Features of Transactional SMS Route – Delivery 24/7

  1. 6 Chars Alpha Numeric Sender ID / Sender ID Management.
  2. Transactional Messages will NOT be DND Scrubbed i.e. messages will be terminated on DND numbers.
  3. Delivery to All indian mobile subscribers ( PAN INDIA )
  4. Direct Connectivity with the Operator like BSNL,AIRTEL,Aircel,Tata.VADOFONE,IDEA etc.
  5. Connectivity efficiency & Delivery performance.
  6. Real Time Counters and Downtime report
  7. Supports multiple connectivity per service provider
  8. Password authentication and Audit trail.
  9. 24×7 support to the user
  10. 99.9% Server Uptime

Transactional SMS Gateway Allocated to the below categories only

  1. Registered Banks & Financial Institution
  2. Insurance Company
  3. Credit Card Companies
  4. Registered Education Instituted (Only for sending information to parents)
  5. Airlines & Railway (Only for sending ticket & PNR details to passengers)
  6. Stock Market Alerts (Only to subscribed customers)
  7. E-Commerce website sending response to E commerce transactions made by their customers

Why Transactional Route :Transactional SMS Routes are commonly used for sending critical informational messages. We strongly discourage spamming and bring this solution only for GENUINE Firms which use SMS services as an integral part of their operations for sending Transactional messages.

  • Sender ID/Header for Transactional Messages :
  • Where’T’ stands for the operator code here its “TATA”
  • ‘M’ stands for the service area here its “Mumbai”
  • ‘-’ is the delimiter
  • ‘ABCDEF’ indicates six alphabets for company or organization sending Transactional SMS
  • Only one Sender ID is allowed per account & maximum 6 Characters (alpha numeric)
  • Sender ID is subjected to approval.

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